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Reworking Our Resumes

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on January 15, 2009 at 12:46 pm

Over the past few months, hundreds of thousands of American citizens have lost their jobs.   In anticipation of future layoffs, many are reworking their resumes, crafting them in such a way as to highlight best selling points.  All of us have a resume, whether written or verbal, by which we present ourselves to the world. On social networking sites such as facebook or myspace, you will find people writing extensively about themselves.  On certain church websites you can see church leaders putting out something of their resumes in biographical blurbs.   In these resumes you can find out a person’s favorite foods, their favorite books, movies, television programs, sports teams, who they are married to, how many children they have, their favorite quotations, etc.   I confess that I have often been a bit depressed to see how much many believers can say about themselves before they come to the most important event in their lives, or perhaps, I should say, the most important person in their lives.

Can you imagine the following conversation taking place two thousand years ago?

“Hello, I’m Jim, what’s your name?”

“I’m Lazarus.”

“Nice to meet you, Lazarus.  Tell me a little about yourself?”

“Well, I’m forty-five years old.  I live in Bethany.  I have two sisters.   Both are awesome, but one worries a bit too much.  Hmm, let’s see, I like matzo crackers and wine.   I am really fond of shepherd’s pie.   I enjoy a good game of wickets.   My friend’s tell me I’m shy.  Hmmm, anything else, let me see…Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I was dead once for four days!”

My question, my Christian friend is this, how much can you say about yourself before Jesus comes up?   It may be time to rearrange your resume!

James Savastio

  1. Great post, Pastor Jim! I was watching my breath turn into vapor this morning as I waited for the bus, and it reminded me of how short life is, especially in light of eternity! I pray that Christ, the cross, the empty tomb, and His Kingdom are more and more the center of my life because that is all that truly matters.

  2. Amen and well said.

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