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“And so all Israel shall be saved.”

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on January 21, 2009 at 12:14 pm

“And so all Israel shall be saved.” – Romans 11:26

Then Moses sang at the Red Sea, it was his joy to know that all Israel were safe. Not a drop of spray fell from that solid wall until the last of God’s Israel had safely planted his foot on the other side the flood. That done, immediately the floods dissolved into their proper place again, but not till then. Part of that song was, “Thou in thy mercy hast led forth the people which thou hast redeemed.” In the last time, when the elect shall sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and of the Lamb, it shall be the boast of Jesus, “Of all whom thou hast given me, I have lost none.” In heaven there shall not be a vacant throne.

“For all the chosen race

Shall meet around the throne,

Shall bless the conduct of his grace,

And make his glories known.”

As many as God hath chosen, as many as Christ hath redeemed, as many as the Spirit hath called, as many as believe in Jesus, shall safely cross the dividing sea. We are not all safely landed yet:

“Part of the host have crossed the flood,

And part are crossing now.”

The vanguard of the army has already reached the shore. We are marching through the depths; we are at this day following hard after our Leader into the heart of the sea. Let us be of good cheer: the rear-guard shall soon be where the vanguard already is; the last of the chosen ones shall soon have crossed the sea, and then shall be heard the song of triumph, when all are secure. But oh! if one were absent-oh! if one of his chosen family should be cast away-it would make an everlasting discord in the song of the redeemed, and cut the strings of the harps of paradise, so that music could never be extorted from them.

Charles H. Spurgeon, Morning and evening

  1. I think Spurgeon is quoting some of a hymn, and I would like to know the name of that hymn, or the source of the quotation. Thank you very much, ML Swan

  2. To God the only wise,

    Our Savior and our King,

    Let all the saints below the skies

    Their humble praises bring.

    ‘Tis his almighty love,

    His counsel, and’ his care,

    Preserves us safe from sin and death,

    And every hurtful snare.

    He will present our souls,

    Unblemished and complete,

    Before the glory of his face,

    With joys divinely great.

    Then all the chosen seed

    Shall meet around the throne,

    Shall bless the conduct of his grace,

    And make his wonders known.

    To our Redeemer, God,

    Wisdom and power belongs,

    Immortal crowns of majesty,

    And everlasting songs.

    – Isaac Watts, 1707

  3. And the other hymn:

    Let saints on earth in concert sing
    With those whose work is done;
    For all the servants of our King
    In Heav’n and earth are one.

    One family, we dwell in Him,
    One Church, above, beneath;
    Though now divided by the stream,
    The narrow stream of death.

    One army of the living God,
    To His command we bow;
    Part of the host have crossed the flood,
    And part are crossing now.

    E’en now to their eternal home
    There pass some spirits blest;
    While others to the margin come,
    Waiting their call to rest.

    Jesu, be Thou our constant Guide;
    Then, when the word is given,
    Bid Jordan’s narrow stream divide,
    And bring us safe to Heav’n.

    -Charles Wesley, 1759

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