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When Will We Ever Learn?

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on January 27, 2009 at 6:27 pm

One of the arguments that is sometimes brought forward in defending the inspiration of the Bible is it’s brutal honesty regarding some of it’s leading figures.  We learn about Noah’s drunkenness, we learn about Abraham’s lies, the disobedience of Moses, the failures of Joshua, the adultery of David and so forth.  As we move into the New Testament we find that the apostles are not always cast in the best light.  They are doubtful, fearful, and ignorant.  But nowhere do they come across worse than in the depiction of their pride in arguing repeatedly over the identity of the greatest among them.   We have since answered that question. Paul is the greatest of the apostles, right?  Or is it Peter?  Perhaps the greatest is really John!   Perhaps we have not answered that question, but we do seek to answer this one…who is the greatest preacher that you have ever heard (I saw this ‘contest’ on line recently among Reformed Baptists-and by the way, I lost!)?   Who is the greatest writer of our generation?  What is the list of the most influential churches in our land?  Who has the most converts, the most impact, the most downloads, the most sales?   Who is the greatest in the kingdom?   We do not need to argue the point.  Jesus has already told us…it is the person who is lowest in their own eyes, it is the person who serves the most, who gives of themselves without recognition.  I remember years ago one of my professors from Bible College illustrating this truth by presenting a picture of the last day.  The Lord Jesus is about to hand out a grand reward.  The eyes of all are upon Him as we wonder, who will receive it?  Augustine?  Luther?  Calvin?  Edwards?  Spurgeon?  Llyod-Jones?  Piper?    The Lord Jesus pauses before the aged lady in a small church, who gave her widow’s mite, who washed the feet of the saints, and who poured out her life in ardent prayer.  Unseen by men, unheralded by church historians, she was nonetheless seen and rewarded by her Savior.  Do you want to be great in the kingdom?  Nothing wrong with that…but hurry up and get to the back of the line!

James Savastio

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  2. You are right P Jim. Sweet reminder, emcouragement. Glory to the One who sees everything as just as it truly is. Aleluya.

  3. Just interested to see we have the same name. Preach on brother Savastio!!!

  4. James…are you the JS in FL? I think we are the only two in the US with our name…

  5. Great little post! I love the pic.

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