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Reposting My Video Response to Sean Penn After YouTube Censorship

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on March 5, 2009 at 1:32 pm

James White

  1. Thank you so much for posting this video! Your courage and conviction is admirable and I greatly appreciate what you’ve done! The time of the Lord’s return is coming and I pray that God will use this video to open the eyes of those not yet saved.. that they may be convicted of their sin and turn from it.. laying their lives in the hands of the Lord!

    I will be praying for you… God will use this video in more ways than you thought possible!!

    In Christ,

  2. Great job James, vital to make it clear what the truth is in these challenging times ! Soli deo gloria !

  3. Dear Brother Jim: I listened carefully to your video, and then went into YouTube to hear what Penn had said. To be sure his comments could have eliminated certain statements with respect to the homosexual community, but then what would we have expected from an actor who had just won an academy award for portraying a homosexual? To deride the hate mongers was probably very much in keeping with the whole process, but I must be frank as I see all of it in context, for what you have said is very true, but just somewhat of an over reaction. I’ve known many brethren who are well established apologists [went to Bible College with Ravi Zacharias many years ago] and the intent sometimes seems to be to weigh in a little heavy on matters such as these that probably would best be left alone. God is, as we believe so fervently, Sovereign in all matters. And when we set out to set pagans “straight”, I wonder what our Heavenly Father thinks? The man is spiritually dead; can our convictions in areas such as this persuade him otherwise?

  4. I believe James comments are right on — and I also think he has placed them in a proper forum. It is right to address the homosexual agenda. Sometimes that happens from our pulpits, and there simply aren’t a lot of homosexuals or homosexual sympathizers out there in the pews, so one could argue that valuable time is being used. Expository preaching causes us to address the homosexual issue in our churches in accordance with how often Scripture deals with it. It will come up from time to time, but not a whole lot.

    I think this video is the kind of reasoned response that can go into the marketplace of ideas and explain to a larger audience (if they would let us) what we believe, instead of simply allowing ourselves to be characterized as bigots wackos.

  5. I have to agree with Pastor Duval. I too watched Mr. White’s video, and then researched the Tube for exactly what Penn said. It seemed to me nothing more that what you might expect from someone living in darkness. Furthermore, you have to wonder wether the protestor’s were being self righteous hypocrites in their demeanor in this instance. Unfortunately this is often the case. I have seen it all too often. Instead of proclaiming the truth as one who has been delivered by grace from such enslaving sin, they are too busy pounding the gavel. Their own sense and understanding of grace, mercy, and justice being deeply flawed. I dont know about you, but when I experience the love of Christ and know His forgiveness, it makes it much more difficult to set myself up as being moraly superior to anyone. Understanding the depths of depravity that we are all capable of and our own inclinations to sin, apart from Christ and His influence in our lives, can regulate our responses to such immorality in a more Christlike mannor, without any comprimise. Lets not further the Enemies’ disinformation/slander schemes by making all christians out to be self righteous hypocrites bent on stoning the sinners.

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