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One of the Most Amazing Admissions I Have Ever Heard in a Debate

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on August 27, 2009 at 9:13 pm

James White

  1. When/where/who was this?

  2. The bald guy was James White. And he is right, if heaven will take a check, what was the point of the cross?

  3. Show me the money?!

    The priest’s view seems counterproductive to the sacramental system, of which I am not a fan.

  4. I believe, the priest is Peter Stravinskas. I believe he is known for having written numerous books; probably an expert on “purgatory”.

    Speaking of purgatory, there are some things that have never quite gone away. The Catholics are now trying to revive Indulgences for the 21 Century! Yes, that was probably Martin Luther rolling in his grave….

  5. Awesome video clip. I hope you get your site up and running soon. I began a site a week ago that I also call “Reformed Baptist Fellowship”…. Its address is Haleyville is the city I live in. Thought it would spark intrest in the Doctrines of Grace and Reformed Theology, here in Northwest Alabama.

  6. Romanism is alive and well obviously, but Hallelujah for justification by faith alone in Christ alone……!!!! How can anyone countenance Romanism as Christianity when you hear this priest…..?

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