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Why Many Modern American Evangelicals Don’t Like Reformed Baptist Preaching

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on November 24, 2009 at 7:52 pm

Humanists with a thin coating of religion won’t put up with this for long.

Reformed Baptist Churches tend to be between 50 and 350 congregants in size, generally. Here is a contrast. A “church” with 16,000 in attendance. Listen to the message.

While I did not add the text to this video, the final verse provided says it all.

James White
Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church
Alpha and Omega Ministries
  1. Extremely thankful for men like Pastor Martin who lay their hand to the plow with eternal matters at the forefront of their mind. Not only are they unwilling to take their hands off, but they do so with reverence, awe, and humility.

    Indescribable mercy.

  2. Pastor Martin’s words are stunningly faithful and Osteen is sadly a false prophet. But brothers, let’s please be careful of spiritual pride and not always assume that our churches are small because we, unlike other men (Luke 18:11), are “the faithful ones”. There may be other reasons that are not quite so flattering.

  3. Osteen is a dangerous man. He perverts the gospel and misrepresents who God is, and the reason for Christ’s incarnation. A person told me once that I should not mention Osteen’s name from the pulpit when identifying false preachers, that it might offend someone who has listened to Osteen in the past. My response is that if a person is in the public domain my criticism is going to be in the public domain.

  4. […] Posted by Bill Brown in Apologetics, Preaching. Tagged: James White, Joel Osteen, Reformed Baptists. Leave a Comment This was originally posted by James White on the Reformed Baptist Fellowship Blog. […]

  5. What constitutes Reformed Baptist preaching? I do not think that one model fits all. I would interested if we could have a wee bit more clarity on this. Obviously Joel Osteen is no minsiter of the everlasting gospel but are you saying that Al Martin is THE model of modern Reformed Baptist preaching?

  6. Robert – I would certainly say he is among the very best models of Reformed Baptist preaching that we have ever had the privledge of hearing in the last 50 years. No one I have ever heard exceeds him, and few equal him. All of us would do well to learn from his example. Few have had the impact he has had on our movement to inspire an entire generation of ministers to preach the gospel. I am profoundly indebted to him, and thank God for him.

  7. Brother Max, good to see you here. Yes I am indebted for things that I have learned from Al Martin. In my early days of ministry I derived much benefit from his pastoral theology classes that i had on yes ‘cassette’ :).

    However I think a weakness that tends to often hamstring us as RB’s is the idea that there is ‘THE’ model instead of saying it is ‘A’ model. I simply wondered if James was saying Al Martin is ‘THE’ model or ‘A’ model.

    Stating the obvious Al Martin’s model and Walt Chantry’s model were not the same. I heard them both preach in person and have heard them both preach on tape. They are both models of RB preaching but I would not dare say who is ‘THE’ model.

    Let’s make sure we are measured in our evaluations and recognize as I saw this past year at the Gospel Coalition Conference there are different models of preachers out there, some I am drawn to, others not, but not all RB preachers are the same and therefore we need to determine what we mean by RB preaching and a model of RB preaching.

    Thanks for your response brother, I trust you are well.

    Warmest regards from cold Sacramento.

  8. Robert – Well, I don’t think James or anyone I know of has ever been foolish enough to say or imply that Al Martin was THE example of Reformed Baptist preaching, and that there are no other examples to look to. What has been asserted is that he is an excellent example. I concur with that sentiment.

  9. Fair enough brother…..

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