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How Will They Hear Without a Preacher?

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on January 22, 2010 at 12:31 pm

Al Mohler reminds us of the centrality of preaching in the Christian life.

“Indeed, preaching is the central act of Christian worship, but its great aim reaches far above merely changing the world. The preaching of the Word of God is the chief means by which God conforms Christians to the image of Christ. Rightly understood, true Christian preaching is not aimed only at this earthly life, but is the means whereby God prepares his people for eternity.” – Read it here

  1. “But little is gained from asking confused people what kind of preaching they want. The faithful preacher takes as his first and most sacred responsibility the charge to give the congregation the preaching it needs.”

    Al Mohler couldn’t have said it better than he did here at the conclusion of his article. We as preachers do not take our guidance from the people we minister to – we are to take it from Christ, as He instructs us through His word. We are not here to be popular with the people, but to be faithful to Christ and His commission. Those who are His sheep, and who hear His voice, will be thrilled with a thorough preaching of the word, and will have no interest in being entertained, nor will they be offended at a 45 minute sermon.

  2. Yes that is very true. Preaching is the central part of the christian worship.In today churches that call themself New Calvism they focus their worship more than their preaching.Like piper Carson and others who have gone away from the Reformed teaching and joined the Christmatic Movent of the fasle teachersSo let us not confused people between worship and the true meaning of preaching.That says we preach not of ourselves but of Christ cruified.

  3. Great article. Thanks for sharing it. I always enjoy Al Mohler- such a brilliant mind and a keen observer.

    Of course, in context (Romans 10) the verse that titles the article is not talking about preaching in the church. It is talking about how christians should be sending people out of the church to preach to the lost. Interestingly enough we have very few historical examples in the NT of preaching to the “church” in the book of Acts. A large percentage of the space given to recording apostolic sermons relates what was proclaimed to the lost. Preaching has fallen on hard times, and even among churches that cherish preaching so many only preach within their church on Sundays- under a bushel. That is just as tragic as people who have given up preaching all together. May God give us a day where we are gripped by the message in all of life!

  4. In the climate of our modern church, it is essential for us to realize that God’s Word is the central gift Christ gives to the church. The major gifts of the New Testament era were given either to write that word (apostles), apply it (prophets) or teach it (pastors and teachers). – Sinclair B. Ferguson
    Grow in Grace, p. 71.

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