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John Piper on the Emergent Church

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on March 29, 2010 at 8:21 pm
  1. I second that motion.

  2. I third that motion.

  3. If the emerging church is leaving, I will certainly show them the door. However, the books will be on people’s shelves for some time yet and the fallout will be widespread in many evangelical churches that have not had the discernment or the courage to deal with the issues head on.

  4. Pastor Steve, where is the article by Mr. Piper? I dont see it on the blog. Thanks.

  5. All i can say at this point is that Pastor Piper on the Emergent Church has totally come away of the Evangelical Reformed Faith and gone to join the Chrismactic movement which has got a new movent called the New Calvinism. And like people like Rick Warron and other Good Evangelical Reformed believer has lost their Reformed faith and join together with this fasle church teaching.As it say in the Bible come out from among them of Fasle teaching.So i say to people like Piper Keller and other Good Reformed Faith’s do not be part of this New Calvinism and stick to the Calvin teaching which is Evangelical Reformed and the truth of the word of God.So i look forward to hear feedback from others.Amen.

  6. Our brother John has greatly disappointed me.

  7. Well, it’s much more troubling than that. John Piper has invited Rick Warren to the Desiring God conference. Rick Warren was big on the emergent movement. And to top it off, Warren just last year spoke at a Muslim conference stating how he loves gays and straights alike. When is he going to call homosexuality sin?! It cannot be stated any clearer than what is already written in Romans 1!

    It’s very troubling why Piper would give such an honor to such a man who has again and again publicly muddled the Gospel, to speak on the pulpit at the Desiring God conference. I’ve benefited much from the Desiring God ministry, but this action is very puzzling and worrisome.

  8. Check out this new blog. Second-generation Reformed Baptist Christ followers WITHOUT compromise.

  9. Dr. Peter Masters with other Reformed Baptists in UK are having a seminar, on the same subject another referred to above, regarding New Calvinism (including Piper’s view on Charismatic gifts) and Worldliness at the London Tabernacle in July:

  10. No offense to anyone who has gotten a blessing from the ministry of John Piper, but I must thank the Lord that I never developed much of an affinity for Piper or his idea of “future grace”, or his “christian hedonism” dialectic, or the palliating of N.T. Wright’s doctrines, or the fact that he is so heavily influenced by Daniel Fuller who was himself trained at the neo-orthodox sschools in Germany.
    He has always impressed me as being something of a maverick so I did not find his inviting Warren to speak at DG terribly shocking.
    What truly perplexes me is that he must have known this move would bring about some serious division. This was evidenced by his comment regarding so-called “secondary sepeatists” wanting to separate from him after he did this. My question is, why was it so necessary to do this? What can reasonably be expected from this other than the stirring up of a hornet’s nest?
    With a few exceptions, Piper is highly revered and respected in my church. Does this mean now that some in my church will gladly open themselves to elements of Warren’s pragmatistic, gospel reductionistic, ecumenical and even borderline synchrotistic doctrines? Perhaps I’m overreacting, but lately when I think of Piper, Rom. 16:17 comes to mind.

  11. Frank, I fear I agree.

    Matt, I hope you read this although it is late. That blog [sencond generational RB] is excellent. Keep up the good work. Love the truth and take it to the world.

    Mike Waters
    Heritage RBC

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