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New Life Bible Conference

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on April 13, 2010 at 3:51 pm

It has been a growing conviction of mine that conferences have an unhappy effect on local churches.  While promoters spend a good deal of time getting the faithful all very excited about gathering outside of the local church, few within our ranks have done any serious thinking as to the value of these somewhat artificial sacred gatherings.  Our Lord is building the church, not promoting conferences!

There is one conference however, that seems to keep the local church at the center of its concern.  Overlooked and unnoticed by most conference “junkies” New Life Bible Conference is a safe and sure bet to get your head filled, and your soul warmed by solid Bible exposition!

Last year’s conference took up the vast concern of evangelism.  One would expect only to be left with a truckload of guilt and a busload of “how-to” techniques after attendance at a conference that considers this important aspect of the Christian life.  Yet, last year those who were fortunate to attend the New Life Bible Conference heard a great deal of what Christ, the Head of the Church does in raising up churches!

If you go to Conferences, this is one not to miss.  If, like me you are wary of all the hype, rock star treatment of speakers, and even down right bad teaching of conferences, I am certain that this Conference will be a balm for your jaded soul.

  1. That was a great conference last year. True exposition from the Scripture texts, solid theology, powerful preaching. And a great group of brothers and sisters in Christ. I am looking forward to taking my whole family this coming June.

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