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MCTS Renihan/Waldron interview

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on October 16, 2010 at 8:52 am

Two very helpful videos concerning the 1689 Confession of Faith from our brothers at the Midwest Center for Theological Studies.

  1. Brothers – I found your 2 interviews very helpful and stimulating. These were good questions and very careful, well-thought-out answers. I appreciated the way you responded and find myself agreeing with you. John Reuther

  2. We are a most blessed people!

  3. […] El Midwest Center for Theological Studies acaba de proveer dos videos en los que se entrevista a Sam Waldron y a James Renihan con respecto a la confesión de fe de 1689, la constitución de una iglesia local y otros temas interesantes. Pueden ver los videos aquí. […]

  4. Very helpful and informative. Thanks.

  5. Thank you very much, brothers for this post. In the midst of theological relativism and so much confusion a Confession of Faith helps us a lot as a standard. It is a very sad thing that many baptists seminaries graduate students who do not even know that there is such an old baptist Confession.

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