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The Church-Integrated Family

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on January 7, 2011 at 4:49 pm

Matthew W. Kingsbury writing for the Ordained Servant an OPC online journal takes aim at the family integrated church. Read it here


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  1. The OPC article states, “By implication (and sometimes by flat-out statement), the church exists to support the family..” but gives no sources or proof of this claim.

  2. What is it with the RFB and their apparent disdain for the FIC? It sure seems there is a lot of time spent, with often unsupported critisism, of the FIC when having been part of other Reformed Baptist Churches one may want to look inward a little more.

  3. This issue is a new one to me even though I have been in a Reformed Baptist Church since 1993. If it has been spoken on I guess I did not grasp it at that time. I have not read all the Responses and Articles on the issue and the FIC but I have read some and did not sense a condemning tone or disdain for our Brethren who hold to FIC beliefs or teaching. I know it exist because Reformed Baptist Elders and Theologians are passionate men who love the truth and at times speak in less than wise terms because they are still sinful as we all are. Some have sought to heal by humble confession and retraction of less that accurate statements and over zealous spirits on this issue. Tony be careful not to do the same in your frustration and speak words which only add to the needless division over this issue. All Reformed Baptist do not fit into your implied view of us that we all are as you say critical have disdain fot the FIC movement. I can say of myself this in most certainly not even close to being true for reasons stated above. First for not even hearing about it in my church as far as I know or remember and Second knowing some who would not hold such feelings toward you or other Brethren in the movement.If my Elders have been anything other than good Shepherds watching over their charges,Christ Sheep,then I believe you can contact them personally and share your concerns. I would recommend you do so for I would not want our Lord to be displeased with those who must teach and lead me in Biblical truth. May the grace and peace of Christ be with you and all who love our Lord Jesus Christ for our mutual good and His glory. A member of the Reformed Baptist Church Of Louisville

  4. You may be interested in a series of complementary articles that document more questionable assertions and beliefs of this movement including reviews of the movie Divided and the book A Weed in the Church: (documented history of homeschooling, age-segregation, etc)

    Thank you,

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