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In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on January 26, 2011 at 7:57 pm

Announcing a new title from Reformation Heritage Books, now available

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With the warmest commendation, I am pleased to announce an important new title by my friend and mentor Albert N. Martin, for 46 years a pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Montville, New Jersey. Preaching in the Holy Spirit addresses a topic of immense value for the pulpit ministry, and with insight drawn from Scripture and demonstrated in one whose preaching has been treasured far and wide for four decades. His approach is explicitly expository with the beneficial addition of practical illustration from the author’s personal experience and his long and fruitful ministry.

The focus of this book is quite unusual. We often consider the need for illumination by the Spirit in the preacher’s study and for the influence of the Spirit within our hearers as they listen. To my knowledge this is a rare treatment solely dedicated to the imperative of a preacher’s conscious dependence upon the Spirit in the act of preaching itself. Through long ages, the church’s greatest heralds of the Word have consistently ministered in this elevated manner, but the phenomena which ought to be normative is rarely discussed or mentioned in print, and sadly, too infrequently in evidence today. This book’s several chapters take up the agency and operations of the Spirit in the act of preaching, his indispensable necessity in preaching, his manifestations in preaching, and the problem of a restrained or diminished measure of his blessing in preaching.

This new book began as sermons delivered at the Trinity Pastors Conference hosted by Trinity Baptist Church  in October 2002. It was my privilege to be present there when the messages were first preached. I believe I shall never forget the experience. The pastors gathered on that occasion saw and heard, in a very high degree, a ministry greatly owned by the same Spirit so honored and praised by the preacher. By the grace of God alone, Pastor Martin did not merely tell us how to preach; he showed us once again, as he has many times before and since. The rich biblical and experiential content of this book, carefully considered, has potential for a radical transformation of a preacher’s ministry. May the Spirit multiply the fruits of it for His everlasting glory and the good of His beloved ones.

Especially if you are responsible for the public ministry of the Word, or if you aspire to pulpit ministry, I strongly urge you to acquire this book and take to heart its indispensable and dynamic counsel. We absolutely must be preaching in the Holy Spirit if our ministry would meet the biblical standard of what preaching ought to be (ANM, from Chapter 2).

D. Scott Meadows, Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church (Reformed) of Exeter, New Hampshire, USA
  1. Pastor Meadows: Thank you for all the work you have done to assist our mutual friend Pastor Martin learn how to – as he affectionately calls it – tame the beast. That is the computer that is sitting on his desk in his study. The other day I brought a 23 year old friend to his house with me as Pastor Martin was having some problems with his Thunderbird email program. I thought it is better just to show up than give tech support over the phone. My friend only knew him from his booming sermons and strong expositions and feared that he was going to meet a lion. He was totally melted at the kindness in which he was received, and the warm welcome as he was introduced for the first time. I look forward to the next book, A Warning Against Ministerial Backsliding and Burnout, as I have heard the sermons many times from that conference. I am thankful God still is using our friend, I think he preached 6 times last week in Florida alone. Thomas – Jenison, MI.

  2. Thanks for the post. May we buy the book. Read it. Live it.


  3. It is a shame that this book was not put in print years ago. This issue when discussed with many Reformed Brethren is resisted due to the great error that exist in the Pentecostal & Charimatic movements about the power of the Holy Spirit and His help when praching or teaching GODS triumphant Word.I am not a Pastor nor do I preach very often but I have done so enough to know the difference between me trying to get it done and the Holy Spirit enabling me to get His word and work done. Teachers will benefit from these insights as well,we always need the Holy Spirits power when ever we use our spiritual gifts even giving our Testamony. May GOD use this to help all GODS servants to,”Preach The Word!”

  4. Forgive my spelling it is ‘HOLY Spirit not Hily Spirit”. I was so excited about this I did not proof read it as I should have.

  5. I am looking forward to this book! It appears the flood gates have opened.

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