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Duty of Love to God

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on January 31, 2011 at 8:33 pm

Love to God includes joy in his happiness. He is not only perfectly holy, but perfectly happy; and it is our duty to rejoice in his happiness. In loving our neighbor, we rejoice in his present happiness, and desire to increase it. We cannot increase the already perfect happiness of God, but we can rejoice in that which he possesses. If we delight in the happiness of God, we shall labor to please him in all things, to do whatever he commands, and to advance all the plans, the accomplishment of which he has so much at heart. Love, therefore, includes obedience to his commands, and resignation and submission to his will.

– J.L. Dagg, Manual of Theology (Harrisonburg, VA: Gano Books, 1990) p.49

  1. So true. I do believe that God shares his happiness and we in turn are to share the happiness He give us.

  2. It is amazing how so many today speak of loving GOD, but to say that love is best expressed in our joyful obedience to His commands as we strive in devotion to do our duty is anathama,accursed! A strange kind of love this is to ignor and count as irrelivant the will of one claimed to be loved. Somehow I think our Brother is right and others wrong because it is a joyful and blessed(happy) thing to know our devotion and obedience please the Father though feebly done in imperfection.I am most happy when most devoted to His will.

  3. I agree Stephen…that’s the ONLY time…I would think…that we joyful and blessed.

    But I must add…that the gentleman who’s picture accompanies this article…though he may be one of the greatest of saints…looks as though he’s never had a joyful moment in his life.

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