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A Letter From One Pastor To Another

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on July 1, 2011 at 2:00 pm

June 24, 2011

Dear Brother,

We are doing as well could be expected in a sin cursed world (we have problems as a result) and as well as could be expected being in the Kingdom of God (we have huge blessings as a result).  Problems and blessings at the same time – that’s the tension – but the good news is the light afflictions are but for a moment, but the blessings are weighty and eternal.

I am sorry this last year has been tough for you on many fronts. In 27 years of pastoral ministry, I have had a number of years like that, where I have come within a millimeter of throwing in the towel and quitting the ministry, because of unrelenting problems that come one after another in an ongoing avalanche. All I can say is that God supernaturally preserves His servants, I know not how, and brings us out to the other side still going on in the ministry. I am glad all years are not like that, and there are good years in between to give us a respite from the battle.

Hang in there. Soon we will both be finished with our course, and we need to just keep the faith until the end. I was blessed by a puritan who said: Keep one eye on Heaven, and the other eye on the Cross, and by that means, any trial can be endured.

Focus on all the things you have to be thankful for. God is good in so many ways – and as for your afflictions – well, they are less than what you deserve for all your sins, and therefore even they are a sign of God’s mercy to you.

If Christ only gives you a few sheep to preach to – know that each one was precious enough in His sight for Him to die for them, and He will reward you well for the love you showed to those He loves so much.

“Feed my sheep,” no matter how few, no matter how weak, no matter how failing – that is our privilege, our honor, and our calling. When He returns to find that we have, we shall receive a crown of glory that will not fade away.

Remember the joy that is set before you, and in light of it, despise the shame you now have as a faithful minister of the gospel, and know that soon enough you will sit down on the right hand of Him who sits on the throne. We will look at each other then and smile, and the former trials will all be forgotten.

Live by faith in the promises,

Your fellow servant,


  1. Congregations should wake up and realize Pastors need prayer. I am sorry to say I have in the past neglected doing that but once it was brought to my attention, I have been faithful. Be encouraged, pastors, we need you and care about you and appreciate you.

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