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Signs of the Apostles

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on August 23, 2011 at 6:54 pm

Let there be no mistaking the central thrust of the ‘charismatic revival’, it is offering the Church a new approach to authority and absolute truth.  Most prominent among the wonders of the modern Pentecostal movement are ‘speaking in tongues,’ ‘prophecy,’ ‘dreams,’ and ‘visions.’ None of these gifts may be conceived of apart from the concept of an infallible revelation from God delivered to us through those who are experiencing the gifts. (p.22)

Historically Christians have believed that the Bible is the only standard of faith and practice. Opposition to miracle-working, tongues-speaking cults has been based upon this high regard for Scripture. Our doctrine of Scripture give us confidence in the unique authority and absolute sufficiency of Scripture whereby the Holy Spirit guides our minds into truth, directs our lives in this world, and brings us to satisfying heart-communion with God. This conviction necessarily implies that God is not giving further revelation through prophets today.

As the Westminster Confession of Faith so accurately states the view of most Protestants through the centuries – ‘The whole counsel of God, concerning all things necessary for his own glory, man’s salvation, faith, and life, is either expressly set down in Scripture, or by good and necessary consequences may be deduced from Scripture: unto which nothing at any time is to be added, whether by new revelations of the Sprit, or traditions of men.’ [Chapter 1, Article VI] – we believe that no further revelation from God is to be expected. The Old and New Testaments are complete and sufficient for all our needs. The Bible alone is our authority! (p.26)

‘Charismatic’ enthusiasts are undermining confidence in the sufficiency of Scriptures. Direct revelation in prophecy and tongues is sought for edification. Some would deny that their new message add anything to the existing canon of Scripture. They only receive direction as to what portion of God’s Word should be called to the attention of the church at the moment. Or they only receive warnings of providential calamity. Or they only receive specific guidance in personal or church affairs. Nevertheless it is a fresh message from heaven which provides the desired guidance, not the Scriptures. (pp.26-27)

…the most fundamental element of the Reformation was the cry of ‘Sola Scriptura’ from students of the Bible. The ‘charismatic movement’ does not carry on the Reformation, but rather strikes a damaging blow to its very roots. They would destroy the Protestant foundation of confiding in Scripture alone. (p.29)

God’s revelation of truth reached a glorious climax when Christ was on earth. ‘God hath spoken unto us by his son.’ In the person of Jesus Christ revelation had been brought to completion with a dramatic suddenness. God’s Son embodies all that the Father has to say to men. Nothing needful was held back for a later time. No greater revelation can be imagined. Christ is the ultimate truth and reveals it fully. He is the brightness of the Father’s glory personified. All coverings are removed. He is the express image of the Father’s Person – fully and perfectly revealed. He is the grand period or full-stop at the conclusion of the God’s report to men. … Christ, the Son of God, is the grand finale of revelation. (pp.30-31)

Failure to see Jesus Christ as the final revelation of truth is a major error that will open the door of the church to a multitude of heresies, taught in the name of truth. Every true movement initiated by the Spirit of God leads men back to the words of Christ which were inscripturated by His own inspiration. (pp.35-36)

(Walt J Chantry, Signs of the Apostles, 1973)  

  1. Are you sure that was written in 1973? What timeless words.

  2. Agreed, Rich. Thank you for posting this excerpt, Steve C.

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