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Heaven is For Real for Kids

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on October 18, 2011 at 6:31 am

Heaven is for Real is still hanging tough at number two on the New York Times best seller list under “Trade” as of this week.  Evangelicalism continues to thrill to the revelations of the little boy who took a round-trip to heaven.  You can find a blog article I wrote in September on this very site called “Heaven is for Real”.

Well, this little boy apparently isn’t going away any time soon.  He’s baaa-aack – this time with his newest installment in the Colton Burpo’s been-there-done-that franchise.  Not only did God take this little kid to Heaven and then send him back to tell us all about it – God has caused his parents to be rich beyond their wildest dreams.  Thank you modern day, believe-anything Christianity!

So here is book two in what promises to be a long-running franchise.  There’s not much new material in this volume, apparently.  One has to wonder how much more material can come from this little boy’s short trip?  Is it possible he is holding back on some vital info that will finally be revealed in “Heaven is for Real – Really”?  If eventually the well dries up – is another trip in store – maybe this time a vision of Hell?  Historically, those who write successful books on their trips to Heaven often follow them up with visions of Hell.

Here is what the CBD catalogue says about this new book.  “Written by a child for children, this special edition of Heaven is for Real highlights Colton Burpo’s round-trip to paradise during life-threatening surgery and his important takeaway messages:  ‘You are going to like heaven’ and ‘Jesus really loves kids!’

This new book is currently only available in hardcover – but that is a good thing.  A classic like this must not be put in disposable paperback.  As a hardcover you can be assured it will last a long, long time.   You can use this book and then hand it down to your children so they can read it to their children and their children’s children.  Just think, 100 years from now we can still read about the boy who went to heaven and came back to tell us all about it!

I agree with Colton and his parents that Heaven is for real.  I also agree that Colton is convinced he has really seen it.  What I find hard to comprehend is why so many others are convinced Colton’s been there.

Steve Marquedant
Sovereign Grace Reformed Baptist Church
Ontario, California 
  1. The reason so many people are convinced of this is because they’d rather believe anything other than the Scriptures. All we can do is remember that ” But for the grace of God there go I” and pray that the Holy Spirit gives light to their spiritually blind eyes.

  2. Here it comes…The “Heaven is for Real” Study Bible. ESV of course…

  3. should you really be making fun of one of your “chosen one” brothers?

  4. Actually, I think we should “make fun” of anyone who has bought the book and takes it seriously. It’s ridiculous.

  5. I am reminded of this portion of Scripture:
    Luke 16:31
    And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.


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