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Q&A: How to Reach the Youth Culture? – Steve Lawson

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on October 24, 2011 at 6:29 am
  1. I was really encouraged to see Dr. Lawson standing firm and not willing to “go down that road”. The pressure is so great. When larger churches are getting young people, in large numbers, the smaller Reformed churches can second guess themselves and ask what are we doing wrong. As he stated, it is difficult – he was speaking about the ministry philosophy and methods. I want to ask for comments regarding a specific on the ground question for those interested. At a really solid Reformed church a person said these exact words. “you can’t stop the train”. “Do you want your kids to listen to (the rapper) 50 Cent, Or do you want to have your sermon on the internet with “xxx” in the background for them to listen to.”

    Associated topic, did you see Tom Chantry comment about a large church’s youth folks giving their testimonies, were very lacking in gospel content. Phil Johnson of Pyro also posted some video, which from RB perspective was lacking biblical content. Dr Lawson did a great job, may God grant us humbleness, and wisdom, while doing the right things ourselves first as God leads us – then, being the best examples we can be, pointing others to join with us.

    By God’s Grace and for His Glory

  2. Lots of food for thought, Pat. I heard awhile back that a survey showed that teenagers were sorely lacking in Biblical knowledge. Maybe because too many churches are not exposing the kids to Biblical teachings and concentrating instead on youth activities alone? I can see the kids getting together to play games, listen to music and talk but I also believe that they need to be reminded that they get together to fellowship in the Lord. Do they leave their meetings feeling they had a good time playing or a good time fellowshipping? Why not some of both.

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