Reformed Baptist Fellowship

Three Clear Concerns

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on November 2, 2011 at 7:07 am
  1. Curious…who are “they”/”them” specifically?

  2. I fear he is spot on. Much of what MacArthur says has been my experience as well. Reformed theology is being perceived as a fad rather than a solidly biblical worldview. Sadly fads come and go. I pray the YRR will move beyond the ‘trend’ of Reformed theology and embrace more of it’s substance.

  3. Eliza Jane,
    I would assume (can’t put words in his mouth), but probably Mark Driscoll, Darrin Patrick types. JM has been painting with a fairly broad brush in his YRR messages. He probably didn’t want to name names, because he would like the arrow to hit target where applicable.
    Lots of other smaller pastors/churches in the Acts29 movement look up to MD. MD will most likely not change, but perhaps JM is praying those following him will.

    David McCrory,
    Amen, I pray for Mark and all the YRR that their view of God’s sovereignty and Calvinism will deepen / mature over time. God is able.

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