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God without Parts: The Doctrine of Divine Simplicity

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on November 15, 2011 at 3:09 pm
  1. Dr. Dolezal’s book is available here:

    Good idea to post this, brothers! Though heads will spin while watching this (at least mine did), it reminds us that God is a being all his own.

  2. I listened to this radio program a couple of months ago, but have never watched any videos from the Reformed Forum. Good stuff. Dr. Dolezal is quite the scholar, especially) on the British Reformation. (Besides that, he gives his paedo-baptist friends a fit as a credo-baptist because his arguments are so solid.)

  3. Thomas, I listened to a show the other day where Dolezal spoke about baptism briefly. I wish they would give him more time on that issue.

    Here is James discussing baptism during the Reformation.

  5. I understand more about the “without *body* parts”. Mormons teach that. What I have more difficulty getting my head around is the no passions part. If God is Love and love is a passion, how can that be? Wrath is passion too? Certainly it is scriptural to say God exhibits his wrath. I am wondering how Dr James Dolezal would interact with Dr. Bob Gonzales post: Updating and Refining the 1689 Batptist Confession: Refining “God without Passions”?

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