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Why Be Confessional?

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on May 16, 2012 at 7:08 pm
  1. […] Why Be Confessional? « Reformed Baptist Fellowship […]

  2. Awesome. But all these posts make me want to be Presbyterian. Anything Baptist? 🙂

  3. if only we would get back to the scriptural content and context of these confessionals.what ever happened to the working of HIS mighty power.too many head calvinist not enough heart religion. to be sound in doctrine is vital and to beat what some consider a dead horse an accurate translation of scripture wouldnt hurt either.the reformed church baptist and presbyterian are going contemporary.

  4. @Michial, what is interesting is the Dr. Fesko left out that on the faculty of Westminster is an adjunct professor who (while in substantial agreement) neither subscribes to the three forms of unity nor the Westminster Confession. He does, however, fully subscribe to the 1689 London Baptist Confession. His name is Dr. James Renihan. He is an ARBCA pastor and the director of the IRBS which is based at Westminster California. It would have been nice if they would acknowledge him. Here is his page on their faculty site:

  5. I am aware of Dr. Renihan being there. Thank you. I again find it odd that post after post on a site distinguishing itself as reformed baptist are from paedobaptistic theologians. Why is that? Are there no able baptists?

  6. Michial we do post many Blogs by Reformed Baptist. If however you are looking for Blogs by theologians who are RB you may be disappointed. It seems that we have only a few RB theologians (clearly Dr. Renihan is one of them) and then we have some that are not too content with our convictions.

  7. Thank you, Chris regarding Dr. Renihan. However, if you notice, he is listed as a visiting professor. Because he is Baptist, he can not subscribe to the Westminster Confession or the Three Forms of Unity — but acknowledging him as a visiting professor (and he has taught “Puritans in Context” for Westminster, that is a lot of acknowledgment.

    As one who is out here near Escondido, I am able to keep in good touch with Dr Renihan and IRBS. There is great hope that IRBS will become even a larger force at Westminster during the coming year and the years ahead. Student census is up and Westminster has been VERY supportive of our students. Almost to a man, our IRBS students have been some of the top students on campus! We have a good relationship with the tuition board, and they are generous to our students with tuition breaks, which is something they are not obligated to do. IRBS is growing and the future looks bright!

  8. That is very good news re: WSCal. What is a tuition break?

  9. Tuition breaks = They have given discounts on tuition to many of our RB students — which is very generous and certainly something they are not obligated to do. Each case is looked at individually by the tuition board and partial scholarships have been given, and partial scholarships have already been promised to some of this falls incoming class.

    There is also a private, independent foundation, not officially connected to the school itself, FARBC (Foundation for the Advancement of Reformed Baptist Causes) that has a certain amount of funds per year that can possibly help fully confessional men with some of the costs of a Westminster/IRBS education. Anyone can contact Dr. Renihan to get more information about IRBS and FARBC.

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