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Can Baptists be covenantal?

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on May 21, 2012 at 8:02 am

“The answer is yes! Baptists historically have held to covenant theology; the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith makes this fact plain (see chapter 7). More recently however, Reformed Baptist pastor Greg Nichols answers this question in the affirmative as he masterfully expounds the subject of covenant theology both historically and exegetically in his new book entitled, Covenant Theology A Reformed and Baptistic Perspective on God’s Covenants.”

Read it here

  1. Well obviously since dispensationalism is an early 19th century phenomena. Until then by and large the church has always been viewed as existing in the Old Testament. Believing in redemptive history’s progression to a professing only church with only those receiving it’s signs in no wise negates the continuation and progression of the covenant and the church, but rather establishes and confirms it more consistently.

  2. I have read this book and Jeffrey Johnson’s book on the same topic. Nichols book is much academic, especially in the early chapters. Once he gets into a discussion of the covenants, he is rather easy to follow. In discussing the covenant with Moses on Sinai, Nichols comes across as a Presbyterian – claiming it to be an expression of the covenant of grace. And yet, he leaves it out of his wrap-up discussion of the Messianic Covenant we have in Christ – which is THE covenant of grace.

    I think Johnson’s book is far better – he is consistently Baptist in his theology, provocative (in a good way), and easy to follow all the way. Here’s a link to some discussion about Johnson’s book:

  3. Walt Chantry has a really good sermon on Covenant Theology @ The Bible clearly teaches Covenant Theology and believers baptism. I currently attend a Bible College that teaches dispensationalism, and just last week I heard my professor say one of the most ludicrous statements in reference to the book of Revelation.

  4. Tyrese – I’ve been in dispy churches and have heard bizarre statements about the Lord Jesus, saints on Earth and in Heaven, and Christians who believe historical eschatology. I have collected a Baptist alternative to the Puritan Hard Drive – a collection of mostly Baptists documents. I would love to send you a DVD, if you are interested. Send me your address at doulos at

  5. @ Manfred. Yeah I would love that. I will email you my address. Thanks.

  6. Tyrese – that web site email forwarder is not working right now. Please send your address to me at sbrogden at

  7. I just finished reading this book yesterday. Nichols does an outstanding job in explaining what the Scriptures teach, as well as what has been written by godly men such as John Gill, Hodge, R.L. Dabney, as well as noting the differences between the various Reformed confessions. And he isn’t bashful when he has issue with some of the wording in parts of the 1689! I most highly recommend this great work. It should be in the possession of every Reformed Baptist, preacher and layman.

  8. Tom some of the issues he has with the 2LBC will disappear when understood in their historical / theological context.

  9. Yes, David, I thouroughly agree.

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