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Celebrity, Authority, and Authenticity in the Church

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on May 25, 2012 at 8:34 am
  1. he sure needed the make-up guy to do some work

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    How to be an Elder and not be destroyed by it is a major problem.

  3. On a related note about strictness. I wanted to join a reformed baptist church but was shocked at the worship. You couldn’t tell from the teaching it was a 1689 confessional church. The pastor walked around the stage with a microphone below a giant projector screen with colored lights shining from the ground up on the back wall. There was a praise band set up on the “stage”. This was just after the praise band sang hill song and Chris tomlin ego centered music with triumphalistic, victorious Christian non reformed lyrics. This pastor is famous too. He defends Calvinistic doctrine in the sbc. His writings are published and respected. Yet the disconnect between his confession and ecclesial forms and content outside the teaching part looked like Calvary chapel and the music shared the same ” I love God perfectly, rah rah schlock that is a part of so many non reformed churches today. While I agree we should pay attention to the things in this article is t it true our worship reflect our supposed theology. Should what we preach be erased in kind by what is taught via singing doctrine aka the praise team? Is style so unimportant – big screens colored lights walking around the stage with a microphone. Having songs that reflect perfectionism vs honest hymnody be reek agates to not meaning anything or outside the rpw? That turned me off of reformed baptists big time. I mean I might as well go down the street to the calminian non denominational church that can do all the shmooze better. Why rbc churches abandon gadsby hymnals and some of the more reformed parts of the historic liturgy like weekly communion, confession of sin, apostles creed recitation or catechetical q&a reading for arminian style and content , and justify it because the preaching is supposedly reformed is beyond me. Can’t they see the mixed message.

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