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The Ecclesiology of Charles H. Spurgeon

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on May 29, 2012 at 3:01 pm


“Spurgeon insisted also that Christ required the churches to baptize those only who professed faith in Christ. The Tabernacle practiced “strict membership”–they admitted to membership those regenerate persons who had been immersed after a profession of faith. Some Baptist churches practiced “open membership,” allowing unimmersed believers to join. Spurgeon insisted, however, on “having none but persons who had been baptized in the membership of the Church…. He would rather give up the pastorate than admit any man to the Church who was not obedient to his Lord’s command.” Christ commanded those who believed in him to submit to immersion. Spurgeon made obedience to this command a condition of membership because this was the apostolic practice.” (Wills, Gregory A. ; The Ecclesiology of Charles H. Spurgeon: unity, orthodoxy, and denominational identity;).

  1. having been in the presbyterian church for a number of years ,though being raised baptist ,i always had thoughts about not so much the mode, but who were to be of the reasons we now attend a reformed baptist church.

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