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The New Adam

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on August 13, 2012 at 5:17 pm

There are three transactions in Romans 5:12–21. First, the guilt of Adam’s sin is reckoned to humanity, rendering us all guilty and under the sentence of death. Second, by trusting in Jesus’ death for us, the guilt of our sin is reckoned to Him on the cross—where His death satisfies God’s anger toward us. Third, Christ’s perfect obedience is reckoned to us through faith so that we are regarded as righteous. This is how the new Adam (Jesus) undoes the horrible consequences of the first Adam’s sin.[1]

[1] Kim Riddlebarger, “The New Adam”, Tabletalk Magazine, January 2010: Anxiety and the Sovereignty of God, ed. Burk Parsons (Lake Mary, FL: Ligonier Ministries, 2010), 52.

  1. interesting how he says, “…the new Adam…” I wonder if he thinks there are other Adams between the first and the last.

  2. No, he’s making the case for Jesus being the new Adam. There’s only two types of Adam’s and Romans 5:12 cc presents this doctrine.

  3. Dirk, some see Israel as a recapitulation of the first Adam; God’s son (Luke 3:38/Ex. 4:22), in God’s place (Garden/Promised Land), under God’s law (Gen. 2:17; Rom. 2:14ff.; Rom. 5/Exod. 20ff.) who sinned and was exiled. Israel, like Adam, broke a covenant (Hos. 6:7). Also, Paul calls Christ last Adam. This could mean there were other Adam figures between the first and last. I was just wondering if anyone knew Ridds. position on this.

  4. RB,

    Thank you for pointing that out. I don’t know the answer, but I have heard his teaching on Romans 11. He is persuaded, though not dogmatic, that as the end draws near, that their will be revival amongst the Jewish people. Actually, he cites this as one of the “signs of the end”. This could certainly lend itself to the further notion of the restoration of the “Adam” of Israel through Christ. I don’t know, just a shot in the dark!

  5. Riddlebarger has an excellent blog. It is called Riddleblog. I used to go to it often, but have not in a while. Riddlebarger is sound in his doctrine. I disagree with him as far as baptism and church government go, but otherwise I personally find no real disagreements. From what I remember, I think he is amillenial regarding escatology.

  6. Tom,

    Dr. Riddlebarger is definitely Amill (he wrote a good book on Amill). Actually the blog you mentioned is where you can find his teaching on Romans 11 (in the right column if you scroll down, he has some great mp3’s from his teaching on Amillenialism). There are many amillers who hold that “shall all Israel be saved” refers to a Jewish revival near the return of Christ. James M Boice is another that holds this position. I know, I got off on a tangent here.

    I agree with Dr. Barcellos though, it is interesting that he uses the term “New” instead of “second” or even “last” Adam.

  7. Thanks, AJ! I like tangents sometimes. In fact, you sparked my memory. I have actually listened to some of Riddlebarger’s mp3’s on Amillinialism. It’s tough getting old! My memory is not what it used to be! Yes, it is interesting that he uses “New” instead of “second” or “last.”

  8. His articles where he goes head to head against Tom Nettles on baptism are very good reading. They are on the Christ Reformed website.

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