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New Booklet about the Doctrines of Grace

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on January 23, 2013 at 8:23 am

God's Astounding Grace

God’s Astounding Grace is a new booklet from Pillar & Ground Publications explaining and defending the doctrines of grace right from the Bible without the technical terminology that sometimes prejudices and perplexes. Its tone is irenic; its style, plain and simple. Many who might not have agreed with its message before reading it may come to realize, “Well, that clearly is what the Bible teaches. How could anyone disagree?” It is designed to present the truth winsomely without unnecessary provocation. Realizing the nickname of this theology (Calvinism) is far less important than embracing it.

After an introductory section explaining the biblical concept of grace in general, the five points are recast in terms of grace instead of the traditional labels.

  • Not “Total depravity” but OUR NEED OF GRACE
  • Not “Unconditional election” but THE ELECTION OF GRACE (a phrase found in Scripture itself)
  • Not “Limited atonement” or “particular redemption” but THE PRICE OF GRACE
  • Not “Irresistible grace” or “the effectual call” but THE ATTRACTION OF GRACE
  • Not “Perseverance of the saints” but THE TRIUMPH OF GRACE

Please join many others in praying that the Lord will use God’s Astounding Grace to spread the Gospel and help many to understand the way of the Lord more perfectly. You may want to consider placing an order at Trinity Book Service. An introductory price with significant discounts is available:

Retail Price: $3.99 | Special Price: $3.25

Special offer! Buy 10 booklets and get a 50% discount (10 for $20.00).


Here is what others are saying about it:

If you have come to understand, believe, and cherish those precious Bible truths that are oft tagged with the name the doctrines of grace, you have no doubt been asked such questions as these:

What do you mean when you speak of the doctrines of grace?

Do you mean to say that you believe that God chooses some people to be saved and does not purpose or plan to save all?

Do you actually believe that the Bible teaches that God saves people against their will?

If you desire to have a small volume calculated to furnish you with clear and compelling scriptural answers to these and other related questions, you are holding just such a volume in your hands. If you are one of those who have begun to be concerned to be modern Berean Christian, a man or woman determined to follow wherever the hand of Scripture may lead you, this is the book for you.

Carefully avoiding any unbiblical terms and phrases that can precipitate knee-jerk reactions and unnecessary confusion, Pastor Meadows allows the Bible itself to speak its own message of grace in its own words of grace. In a profoundly simple, lucid, and pastorally warm and engaging way, Pastor Meadows has written these pages desiring to lead us to worship the God of all grace and to furnish us the biblical stuff to help others to know and worship at the footstool of God’s amazing grace.

—Albert N. Martin, former Pastor

Trinity Baptist Church, Montville, New Jersey


The doctrines of grace are the very heart and soul of the one, saving gospel of Jesus Christ. These five God-honoring truths stand together as one body of divinity. They speak with one voice and boldly testify that God saves sinners.

In God’s Astounding Grace, D. Scott Meadows provides us with an excellent, concise survey of these precious truths that is biblically based, crystal-clear, and, I believe, highly compelling. Throughout this insightful work, Meadows puts his finger on the vital nerve of what is true saving grace. You will surely discover that his careful handling of Scripture brings into sharp focus the stunning majesty of the loftiest mountain peaks of sovereign grace. To be sure, this is a helpful resource that you will want to study and share with others.

—Dr. Steven J. Lawson, Senior Pastor

Christ Fellowship Baptist Church, Mobile, Alabama


I just finished reading Pastor D. Scott Meadows’ new booklet entitled God’s Astounding Grace, and I recommend it highly. This work is a clear and concise presentation of things “most surely believed among us,” the five points of Calvinism.

I love sound, concise resources that I can give to people as a “one-stop shop” where readers can get a good sense of a particular doctrine in a brief amount of time. In about 30 pages, Scott very carefully and pastorally sets forth in a compelling way those grand truths which teach that “salvation is of the Lord.”

Reformed Christians will find it helpful to have some of these booklets on hand. May I suggest placing an order and distributing them to your people? I would also recommend giving them to those visiting our churches who might have questions about these extremely important matters.

—Rob Ventura, Pastor

Grace Community Baptist Church, N. Providence, Rhode Island

  1. […] “God’s Astounding Grace”, a booklet,  looks fascinating. I like, in particular, how the booklet recasts “TULIP”: […]

  2. this looks really good

  3. It has been my experience that the ” traditional labels” are immediately offensive to those who are of the unbiblical and Arminian persuasion. Many times, they will automatically refuse to listen or be shown any biblical proofs for the doctrines of grace at the outset. This booklet looks to be a tool to offset the immediate hostility experienced by many of us when presenting the truth of God’s Word. I intend to order 10 copies for a starter, and more afterward! Thanks for the info!

  4. This sounds great! I really like the rewording of the traditional labels. I intend to order 10 to start with, and probably more later. I pray the Lord will use this booklet for His glory!

  5. New review in “Ordained Servant” (journal of the OPC):

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