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Time to Celebrate!

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on March 27, 2013 at 12:10 pm

empty tomb

If all goes well, I will be celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus again this coming Lord’s Day. I was converted in late 1977 and so this year will mark roughly the 1,845th time that I have celebrated this event. Every one of them has been sweet, if not always memorable. Before you chide me for my math, let me remind you that the Bible nowhere commands us to set aside one day a year for the celebration of our Lord’s triumph over the grave. No, rather, it exhorts us to remember this event every single week! Fifty two times a year! Fifty-two Easters! Fifty-two vivid remembrances and celebrations that death could not hold Him; Fifty-two reminders that Christ has risen and ascended and sent the Spirit (that was a Lord’s day too)!

There is no other event in all of human history that is so celebrated. Other events may be remembered once a year, some every ten years or one hundred years. Only one event calls for millions to gather around the world every week in memorial of a Man and His finished mission. Let the world say it is worthy of but once a year, but let the redeemed enjoy it week by week!

Jim Savastio, Pastor
Reformed Baptist Church of Louisville
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    Hi, I would like to join the Reformed Baptist Fellowship. How do I join and what are the requirements? Bob Phillips Pastor, First Baptist Church, Marydel, MD.; President, Worldmission; Director, Lost World Jungle Lodge, Belize

  2. Amen, Pastor Jim. Well said.



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