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Learn hence the usefulness of the law to bring souls to Jesus Christ

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on July 30, 2013 at 9:25 am

John Flavel

Learn hence the usefulness of the law to bring souls to Jesus Christ. It is utterly useless, as a covenant, to justify us; but exceeding useful to convince and humble us; it cannot relieve nor ease us, but it can and doth awaken and rouse us. It is a fair glass to shew us the face of sin, and till we have seen that we cannot see the face of Jesus Christ.

The law, like the fiery serpent smites, stings, and torments the conscience; this drives us to the Lord Jesus, lifted up in the gospel, like the brazen serpent in the wilderness, to heal us. The use of the law is to make us feel our sickness; this makes us look out for a Physician: “I was alive once, without the law, (saith Paul) but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died,” Rom. 7:9. The hard, vain, proud hearts of men require such an hammer to break them to pieces.[1]

[1] John Flavel, The Whole Works of the Reverend John Flavel, Volumes 1-6, vol. 2 (London: W. Baynes and Son, 1820), 180–181.

  1. Thus the evil of antinomianism that says: we are not under the law, but under grace, the ten commandments are no longer binding on us, we now live under the Law of Love… such a position removes the whole source of conviction of sin, and without conviction of sin, there is nothing that will move us to seek a Savior from sin.

    Flavel, as usual, nails it, and expresses the truth with power and effectiveness. Great post.

  2. Thanks Pastor Max Doner, that was exactly what I was thinking. Antinomianism seems to be on the rise. Very sad.

  3. Big Flavel fan, here. Great quote.

  4. Big Flavel fan, here. Great quote. Flavel does nail it.

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