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How Not to Foul Up the Training of Your Children

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on September 10, 2013 at 11:55 am


Logos Bible software has added to their growing collection of Reformed works the sermons on parenting by pastor Albert N. Martin.

“How Not to Foul Up the Training of Your Children contains 40 sermons preached and taught by Albert N. Martin, a widely-respected Reformed Baptist pastor. This comprehensive collection of sermons on Christian parenting was delivered in 1991 at Trinity Baptist Church’s adult Sunday School. Though its main focus is parenting, these sermons bring you an understanding of the factors that have influenced your spiritual, social, and emotional life. It covers numerous topics, including discipline, chastening, admonition, and more.”

–D. Scott Meadows, Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church (Reformed)
Exeter, New Hampshire
  1. […] at the Reformed Baptist Fellowship blog, Pastor D. Scott Meadows made known that, “Logos Bible software has added to their growing collection of Reformed works […]

  2. FYI: It is technically in pre-pub, so if it gets enough pre-orders then they will make it a reality (and if you pre-order you get it 38% cheaper)

  3. I downloaded these lessons about ten years ago from Trinity’s website (in Real Audio format, ugh! – thank the Lord for It is the best and most fundamentally biblical, teaching I have ever come across dealing with parenting. Tedd Tripp’s Shepherding a Child’s Heart is also excellent, but A N Martin’s series brings conviction and points us back to the crucified Savior that He might be strong in our weakness. I re-listen to the first ten lessons at least once a year to keep it fresh.

    Great series! And to imagine, this was the adult Sunday School class at Trinity. Talk about a church with true discipleship!

  4. I am guessing that these sermons did not get enough pre orders on Logos since the link to Logos shows nothing. That is too bad. I sat under everyone of these as they were taught in the adult class. I had a 3 year old daughter at the time. Now she is 26! She has 2 brothers as well. I am very thankful for these messages. I agree that Ted Tripp’s book and series on Shepherding a Child’s Heart is very good. He also gave his messages at Trinity where I sat under them. I have to say that if I had to choose I would take these messages first before Shepherding a Child’s Heart but I would highly recommend both.

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