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The Lord’s Supper as a Means of Grace: More than a Memory

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on December 20, 2013 at 10:31 am

More than a Memory

The Lord’s Supper as a Means of Grace: More than a Memory by Richard Barcellos is now available. Here is a brief description from the Preface:

The book is not an exhaustive treatment of the Lord’s Supper. It has a primary focus which can be stated in question format. How is the Lord’s Supper a means of grace? I do not deal with many important issues related to the Supper, nor do I interact with all the secondary historical-theological issues and sources. My aim is very specific–to provide exegetical and theological grounds upon which the Supper is seen as a means of grace. I will also examine some of the Reformed tradition’s confessions and catechisms. That part of the study seeks to illustrate how the exegetical and theological data has been formulated into doctrinal statements and to confirm that my thesis is not novel.

The book has a Foreword by James M. Renihan and recommendations by Michael Haykin, Robert Oliver, Carl Trueman, and others

Here are the recommendations of two RBF contributors:

The Lord’s Supper is more than a memory. Modern Baptists have often fallen into the “dead memorial” category. Others have emphasized self-examination to the point of morbidity. Our Particular Baptist forefathers taught the “spiritual presence of Christ” in the supper and an understanding of this is vital to our spiritual vitality. This new book by Dr. Barcellos will be a great help for men in the ministry, and those studying for the ministry. May God use this book as a catalyst in bringing about continuing reform in our churches.

Pastor Steve Marquedant
Sovereign Grace Baptist Church
Ontario, CA

None of us have fully appreciated the stupendous blessing which the Lord’s Supper is to Christ’s church, but Dr. Barcellos’ excellent treatment of this subject can strengthen our grasp upon the exalted reality. With capable exegesis of key Scripture passages, demonstrable consistency with the best systematic theology, and informed interaction with historic Christian thought, this important work will, with God’s blessing, assist modern pastors to realize better the true nature of this second ordinance of Christ as a capacious channel of sanctifying grace. With unqualified recommendation I urge a careful reading of this book, especially if your theologically-formative influences were similar to mine, committed to the memorial view of the Supper, not unusual among Baptists of the last century or so.

An especially delightful surprise awaits the reader at the end, where Dr. Barcellos cogently links the profound spiritual realities he has proven from Scripture with the most practical implications for the manner of Lord’s Supper observance in our churches. The connection of doctrine and practice in this area may not have been obvious at first, but having seen it in print, I find it inescapable. May the Lord reform His churches and strengthen our unity by the standard of His Word and through the sound teaching of this incisive analysis.

D. Scott Meadows, Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church (Reformed)
Exeter, NH

The book can be purchased at RBAP or Amazon.


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